How to get started in Maxxis Cup Supermiata

Maxxis Cup Supermiata
How to get started

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 Maxxis cup is a spec series.  That means all the cars are prepared to  the same performance level and power capped at 140whp and 2300 lbs min weight.  There is no real advantage of one car over another, outside of any differences in reliability from prep and maintenance. It is a drivers series designed to help you learn racecraft and hone your driving skills. It is not a series to focus on out engineering the other driver. If you show up with a car faster than everyone else’s, you’re probably cheating and don’t know it!
You will need an 89-05 Miata prepared to our rule set which is available here Supermiata Rules and Regulations. You will also need a Speed Ventures competition license. Lastly, you will need a full set of driver safety gear.  Safety regulations used in Maxxis Cup Supermiata are industry standard.  If you are compliant with NASA or SCCA club racing requirements for the current year,  then you are OK for Maxxis Cup.
Maxxis Cup is not a secretive society like most club racing. We encourage communication and work to coach drivers new to the series regardless of skill level or experience. As the cars all have the same speed potential, most of the car talk centers on keeping them running smoothly and tuning for track conditions. Maxxis Cup has several “Leaders”. These are drivers who helped create the series, national champions and coaches. The leaders include Emilio Cervantes, William Chen, Sonny Watanasirisuk and Andrew Kidd.
Step 1 on your journey is contacting us at to let us know you want to race with us
Step 2 is joining both of our Facebook groups;
Private, driver only
We encourage all drivers to ask questions in the private driver group instead of focusing on one particular driver or Leader for questions. In this way the knowledge can be shared, and that is what the series is about.
Step 3
Prepare your car.
 It is strongly recommended that you present your car for inspection well in advance of your first race weekend.  It is common for the new build to have one or two little errors in safety equipment implementation that require a shop visit to correct. These errors might  prevent you from being allowed to compete so you want to get them addressed beforehand. You can roll the dice and inspect on your first race weekend, but we don’t want to send you home because your fabricator missed one little weld or fastener.
You can present your car & driver gear for inspection in the following ways:
  • Maxxis cup event before you plan to race.
  • Other HPDE event where another Maxxis Cup leader can inspect your car. Arrange that via the FB drivers group.
  • Bring to 949 Racing
Step  4
Advance to Speed Ventures Red Group.
SV red is merit based. In other words, you will need to demonstrate excellent situational awareness of fast moving traffic  all around you and exhibit predictable,  courteous behavior at all times. Racing is not just wanting to go fast, it means improving your driving skills beyond where they may be now. You will only be eligible for a Speed Ventures Competition License evaluation when  you have run at least one full weekend in Red Group without issue. Drivers holding a current comp license from another organization will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
Step 5
Get your Speed Ventures Competition License
This can be done at a Maxxis Cup weekend or any Speed Ventures HPDE event where a Maxxis Cup leader will be present.
Arrange with Adam Gershon of Speed Ventures and Emilio Cervantes of 949 Racing to get your check ride. This is an SV Red Group session where one or two Maxxis Cup leaders will drive near you on track and full race pace to assess your control and situational awareness. This evaluation does not grade your speed as that is not important. We want to see that you can maintain control at all times, can keep track of multiple cars buzzing around you, be vigilant for changing conditions and flags while still driving quickly. Example video of check ride
 Once you have completed the check ride successfully, you will be granted your Speed Ventures Competition license.
Step 7
At this point your car and gear have been inspected, you have successfully completed your checkride and are ready to take the green flag with us.
Maxxis Cup  driver benefits
To receive the Superbucks Maxxis RC-1 tire rebate submit the following to
  • Screen capture of your Maxxis Cup race weekend registration from the SV website
  • Sales receipt for your Maxxis 225/45/15 RC-1 tires
  • Paypal address, name
949 Racing sponsors the Saturday night catered BBQ trackside at every event. Free for drivers and their crew.