Supermiata FAQ

How to get started in Maxxis Cup Supermiata

  • Can I use a 1.6 or 94-97 1.8 engine?  Any 89-05 Miata engine block/head is legal but you will not be able to get it to 140whp to be competitive without spending a lot on modifications. In the end, it is less expensive to let go of the tire old engine and build a stock NB1 (99-00) or NB2 (01-05) engine and swap it into your older chassis
  • Which year Miata is best for Supermiata? They are completely equalized so it doesn’t matter. The minor difference in aerodynamics are canceled out by the air dams and duck tail spoilers we allow. All cars run the same redline, power and weight so there is 100% parity. We don’t attempt to balance cars with different weights, aero, redline and powerband with various weight penalties. It doesn’t work. Pick a year you like and start building!
  • How do I get my license? Drivers with a current racing license from SCCA, VARA, POC, BMWCCA, NASA, FIA, PCA can apply with Speed Ventures. Contact Adam Gershon . Drivers that do not currently have a racing license also contact Adam but you will have to advance to Speed Venture “Red Group” (Advanced-open passing) and complete one full day under Adam’s observation.
  • What is the Supermiata checkride? Once either licensed or rookie permit drivers are ready to run with us, you will register for a race weekend and show up prepared to race. First and/or second practice session Saturday you will be put on track with two Supermiata instructors. You will run the full session and your race pace while the two drivers observe, block and pass around you. We are keen to assess your situational awareness and basic car control. Doesn’t matter how fast you go. We focus and being able to race in tight chaotic pack safely and predictably.
  • What does it cost to race? Racing Supermiata is pretty much the same cost as an HPDE weekend with Speed Ventures with the addition of an additional $20 fee per day for the racing. That’s it!

For mor information on getting started, go to this detailed forum post on TrackHQ