SuperMiata sample dyno plot

This is an example of a legal dyno plot. Dynojet 248 and 288 only. Must display dyno  all weather station values active and SAE correction factor.

This power level can be easily attained with the following legal modifications:
  • 99-05 cylinder head or complete engine. 100% stock
  • Generic exhaust header. Racing Beat is recommended
  • Generic high flow exhaust and cat delete. Racing Beat, Borla XR-1 and Flowmaster are good options
  • DIY or aftermarket intake pipe and cone filter
  • Programmable engine management computer (ECU) and a good tune
  • 91 octane pump gas

Optionally, you may add Chinese made  >535 gram forged connecting rods and double valve springs to give your engine some protection from accidental  “money shift” over rev. The rods and valve springs to not add power.