Supermiata Sponsors – Prizes

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2016 Maxxis Cup – Supermiata

 Join us for the most affordable racing in the southwest US



To enable our drivers to choose between discounts and Winding Road Racing or new Maxxis RC-1’s to race on, we have instituted a “1st Bank of Supermiata”. This will allow drivers to convert multliple smaller awards in to on larger certificate to apply towards tires from Maxxis or gear from WRR.

The Supermiata facebook group will host a spreadsheet displaying all the awards each driver has earned and a tally so they can keep track.

New driver program

Beginning with the May 14-15 event at Streets of Willow, all drivers new to Supermiata will receive a free set of Maxxis 225/45/15 RC-1 tires when they register and attend their 3rd complete race weekend. That’s right, free tires just for showing up!

Legacy driver program

 At the end of the year, we will award each of the 5 drivers with the most races completed with a free set of Maxxis 225/45/15 RC-1 tires. Race a lot, get some tires!

$20 rebate per tire

Effective May 1st, 2016, all drivers that have registered for a Supermiata race during 2016 can apply for a rebate for any Maxxis 225/45/15 RC-1’s purchased under their name. Drivers must email a copy of their purchase receipt to  Receipts for other Maxxis tires, before May 1, 2016 or from drivers outside of the series will not be rebated.

Winding Road Racing contingency

Many club racers are now familiar with the great contingency program WR offers for other racing organizations. We came up with a modified program just for Supermiata designed to “spread the love” around even better. We have a bucket full of $50 Winding Road Certificates to award to drivers.

Each podium spot, 1st, 2nd, 3rd will earn the same $50 certificate.

Drivers can win a maximum of one per day. Since we race twice a day, if the same driver earns a prize in the 2nd race, that prize kicks down to the next spot. This means the drivers that just miss the podium can earn prizes too.