S3 Rules

S3 Rules – Click here to download

2017 Maxxis Cup Supermiata

This is a new class for 2017. If you plan to attend the first event in an S3, please contact us info@949racing.com to help us plan and make sure you have everything you need to have a great weekend of racing.

Maxxis Cup Supermiata S3 – 2017

Rev 02.02.17

Download S3 rules here:    2017 Maxxis Supermiata Cup  S3 rules


New for 2017 is the S3 “feeder” class for unmodified 90-93 1.6 Spec Miatas. Rules are simple, the car must be legal to compete in Spec Miata class with other organizations.  If it is not specifically allowed below, it is not legal or allowed.  The intent is to only allow existing cars with no additional modifications. The allows new drivers to get started with Maxxis Cup Supermiata to gain driving experience with minimal expenditure. There will be no awards, Superbucks or rebates on tires as there are for S2.


Mandatory modifications


Peak power

-Engine must be tuned to make no more than 110whp on the spec 205/50/15 Maxxis RC-1 inflated to 30psi on 15×7 wheels, Dynojet 224 or 248, SAE corrected, smoothing set to “5”.  Three consecutive pulls within 2 minutes.

This adjustment is performed by advancing or retarding the ignition timing via the CAS (Cam Angle Sensor) or aftermarket AFPR (Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator) on cars so equipped. Driver must submit and retain of copy of dyno sheet in their possession.


Power area

-Power measurements from 4200,5200,6200,7200 will be each rounded up then combined.  Total must not be greater than 396.

-Cars must run on Maxxis RC-1 in 205/50/15 size only. Rain tire will be the 205/50/15 size Maxxis VR-1.

-Car must be ballasted to minimum weight no less than 2250 lbs with driver

– OEM 15″ cast 99-05 wheel may not be used


Allowable modifications

-Cars may run any single adjustable coilover. Separate/multiple rebound and compression damping not allowed. Remote reservoirs not allowed. Any spring rate allowed.

-Sway bars may be changed or modified. Must be one piece and mount in OEM locations.

-Hardtop must be 100% OEM shape but can be made of any material.  Non OEM tops ok provided they meet this requirement. OEM glass rear window may be replaced with polycarbonate (Lexan, Makrolon, etc) . Acrylic or other clear or translucent polymers not allowed.

-Coolant Reroute may be added to improve engine cooling

-Oil cooler may be added to improve engine service life

-Any OEM brake assembly or component from 89-05 MX5 Miata may be used in any combination

-OEM proportioning valve may be replaced with adjustable screw type Wilwood unit.

– Any one piece aluminum 15×7 or narrower wheel may be used.


Race Format


S3 will be gridded with the S2 field. Default for most tracks is standing start.  Two races back to back.  Field stops and inverts on track during formation lap for second race. S3 will be fully integrated into the S2 field according to qualifying and finishing position.


S1 will have its own grid and inversion group. S2 and S3 will not be mixed with S1